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about us

We are a boutique print studio located in a small town north of Dallas. We create design-forward paper goods, featuring Pam's original art, for the stylish consumer. We're now proud to say that we have clients all over the world who enjoy our quality paper products. We are strongly committed to superior quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainability. Our products are 100% eco-friendly.

Pam is a Pennsylvania girl now living north of Dallas (via Atlanta, the Florida panhandle, Atlanta again, and Seattle). Pam lives with her husband and two Brittanys (Finnigan and Pam above).
PIXELIMPRESS was named after Pam's first Brittany... Pixel. 
We were featured in VoyageDallas May 2018
We are an alum of Katie Lawler's Tradeshow Bootcamp Paper Camp
We believe every day should start with a cup of good coffee.
We believe in the handwritten thank you note. And birthday card.
We believe a Peloton ride with Tunde can uplift any mood.
We believe in bold patterns and saturated color.