IF I HAD AN EXTRA $10.5M ...

August 16, 2016 1 Comment

IF I HAD AN EXTRA $10.5M ...

I'd buy this house. This is Steven Gambrel's house in Sag Harbor, or rather one that he redesigned for sell. According to Hamptons Magazine, "Gambrel discovered the home three years ago and decided to refurbish it and resell it; today it’s a dream house more suitable for a captain of industry, with a new wing, featuring a double-height public room and a media room with a fireplace, as well as a 33-foot saltwater pool. Every aspect of commodious 19th-century life has been brought up to the standards of modern luxury living."

Let's take a peek inside.

You had me at "artwork". I've been known to buy one too many pieces of art, but if I ever saw this generous piece in those shades of blue, I'd snatch it up. 

A beautiful exterior. And I'm entirely envious of all that lush green. 

I love his use of blues. I've noticed that blue, particularly moody blue, is very popular these days. 

That sink. Or rather sinks. Those chairs. Those faucets. Oooh, and check out the stove. Yep, I'd be happy to cook here.

A perfect pop of peacock blue with the pillow.

I need to call Mr. Gambrel and find out the color of that door. It is perfection.


More glorious art + beautiful jug lamp.

I'm figuring this is the pool house. 

Gorgeous lap pool. Pixel would love to swim here.

You can view the complete listing here.

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October 31, 2016

The blues are beautiful!

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